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January 2021
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This pain is not ours

Serhat UYURKULAK Azad Alig´s Blog I’m thankful that I haven’t witnessed as many deaths close by. But in most visits of condolence, I came across a similar scene. As the suffering had soared up to an almost tangible degree, someone would suddenly burst into tears and moan that they so wanted to bring the deceased […]

Discrimination in the Media by Denial of Discrimination

Tolga KORKUT BİA News Center Assoc. Dr. Ülkü Doğanay from Ankara University Faculty of Communication is the author of the “Discrimination Framed by the Print Media Research”.* According to Doğanay, the “discrimination denial strategy” is one of the most typical examples for discrimination in the media. “Embrace diversity, stop discrimination” is the topic of this […]

Adana Massacres, 1909 Focus of Istanbul Workshop

Roland MNATSAKANYAN Sabanci University (Istanbul) just hosted an international workshop entitled “Adana: 1909: History, Memory, and Identity from a Hundred Year Perspective ” ( 6-7 November 2009). The workshop included scholars from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Turkey. The event was sponsored by Gomidas Institute (London), Sabanci University, Istanbul Bilgi University History […]

“At Least Some Diyarbakır Soil for Aram Tigran”

Tolga KORKUT BİA News Center Armenian musician Aram Tigran’s wish to be buried in Diyarbakır, in the southeast of Turkey, has not been granted by the Ministry of the Interior. Funeral planned in Brussels His family has thus decided to bury him in the Armenian graveyard in Brussels. The funeral is planned to take place […]

Turkish game part of memorial for slain journalist

A memorial for slain journalist Hrant Dink has captured a lot of attention for a number of reasons, but one of the most interesting things is that it happens to include the first editorial video game to come out of Turkey. Hrant Dink is not a well-known name in the United States, but the man […]

220 Armenian Intellectuals Exiled in 1915 Commemorated

Bawer ÇAKIR BIANET On 24 April 1915, over 200 Armenian intellectuals were exiled and then killed. The Human Rights Association commemorated this loss to Armenian, Ottoman and Turkish society. The Human Rights Association’s (İHD) Committee against Racism and Discrimination commemorated 24 April 1915, the day that Armenians worldwide recognise as the beginning of the forced […]

Agos Newspaper Interview with Kürkçü on Armenian Question

Robert KOPTAŞ AGOS Robert Koptaş from the Turkish-Armenian newspaper Agos interviews bianet’s Ertuğrul Kürkçü, following the latter’s article entitled “An apology owed”, published in Turkish on bianet’s website on 19 January 2009. The article “An apology owed” which Ertuğrul Kürkçü wrote for bianet on 19 January 2009, the second anniversary of the murder of Agos […]

School Books are Turkish, Muslim, Male, Heterosexual and Racist

Bawer ÇAKIR BIANET The findings of the second project of monitoring Turkish school books for human rights violations, run by the History Foundation and the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey, have been published as a book. “…The father is the person who makes the living for the family. The mother is the father’s hepler, and […]

Turkish game part of memorial for slain journalist

Kerem Demirbas has created Turkey’s first political game, “Huys,” which attempts to confront and render visual the nation’s ongoing struggle to come to terms with the haunting legacy of the 1915 genocide of Armenians committed by the then Ottoman Empire. “Huys,” which means hope, establishes a game world that draws attention to the recent murder […]

Nor Zartonk and the youth

Markar Esayan AGOS Existence has not yet been able to balance the dynamism, idealism, creativity, inexperience of the young and the experience, calmness, aptitude of the old and the hardening of the arteries in society caused by all these. The point of view that considers “the child” as a part of the homo sapiens species […]