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August 2018
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Nous remercions le Comité de soutien de Nor Zartonk

En Turquie, nous menons une lutte modeste pour notre droit de vivre, l’égalite et la justice. Notre lutte s’agrandit avec votre soutien. Nous remercions le Comité de soutien de Nor Zartonk qui nous a permis de rencontrer les arméniens de France grâce aux événements qu’ils ont organisés et ARAM, Yerguir yev Meshaguït, MAJC, Association Sassoun, […]

Nor Zartonk Activities at France

European Represantation of Nor Zartonk and France Comitee to support Nor Zartonk helding “Armenian Activism in Istanbul” meetings with attendance of Nor Zartonk Spokesperson Sayat Tekir. The meetings will be held at Paris on 21 and 21 January, Marseille at 27 January and Lyon at 28 and 29 January. Thursday January 21, 2016 at 20:00 […]

The meetings Sayat Tekir from Nor Zartonk will have In USA

Nor Zartonk Spokeperson Sayat Tekir will attend several organizations in his visit to USA invited by ANCA-ER. We hereby list the organizations he will attend. Meet & Greet and Round-table Discussion with Sayat Tekir of Nor Zartonk Panel: LA A limited group of people are invited to meet and attend a roundtable discussion with Sayat […]

Nor Zartonk invitée de l’EGAM à Paris le 27 mai

Objet : Mercredi, à Paris, Nor Zartonk, jeunesse arménienne de Turquie est l’invitée exceptionnelle du Mouvement Antiraciste Européen EGAM à Paris après leur victoire historique concernant la restitution des biens arméniens spoliés à Istanbul   Point presse : Mercredi 27 mai à 12h30 au Conseil Régional Ile-de-France (57 rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris) en marge de la […]

Do not touch Mor Gabriel! In order to put a stop to dirty war and to what it brings about with it like the ecological pollution, unsolved crimes, executions without a trail, massacres, and mass murders; we would like to share with you yet another pain to which everyday a new one is added in the region of Mesopotamia. […]

Huys (Hope)

Click to play fullscreen… Click to download as exe file… Game designer: Kerem Yavuz Demirbaş Graphics: Kemal Gökhan Gürses Music: Boğaziçi Gösteri Sanatları Topluluğu Original concept: Madrid (Gonzalo Frasca) Format: Flash Game

Hey everyone, Let us look for our relatives together!

SİBİL ÇEKMEN AGOS On Saturday morning, those who went to İstiklal Street or Galata came face to face with ads of people who “are looking for their relatives” on the walls or columns. The project “I am looking for my relative”, the first of which was organized by Aris Nalcı in 2006 within the framework […]

Dare to use your own brain!

The Nor Zartonk Initiative held a philosophy workshop titled “Enlightenment in the light of Kant” at the offices of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers in Taksim. This philosophy workshop was Nor Zartonk’s first cultural public activity since its formation. This event, a first in our community, is an attempt to speak to new thought and […]