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July 2018
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Archive for 'Nor Zartonk at Press'

Le réveil des Arméniens de Turquie

Le Monde Tout en bas, au fond du canyon, les eaux en furie du fleuve Munzur viennent se fracasser contre la roche, dans une immense gerbe d’écume. Du haut des falaises, “des hommes et des femmes ont été jetés dans le fleuve, raconte Enver Devletli, un sexagénaire à la moustache grisonnante. Certains sautaient pour échapper […]

Tekir: Armenian Ghosts Are Demanding Justice in Turkey

Armenian Weekly The following text was adapted from a speech delivered by Nor Zartonk spokesperson Sayat Tekir at the Armenian National Committee of America Eastern Region (ANCA-ER) Banquet on Nov. 14, upon accepting the ANCA-ER Activism Award on behalf of Nor Zartonk I am honored and delighted to accept this Activism Award in the name of […]

‘We Are Here’: Sayat Tekir Tours Eastern Region, Addresses Community Turkey-based human rights activist Sayat Tekir visited the United States recently to accept this year’s Armenian National Committee of America Eastern Region (ANCA-ER) Activism Award on behalf of the Nor Zartonk Movement at the 9th Annual ANCA Eastern Region Banquet in Detroit. Sayat Tekir is one of the founders and current spokesperson of “Nor […]

ANCA-ER Celebrates Grassroots Advocacy at Sold-Out Banquet in Detroit

The Armenian Weekly Hundreds of advocates from the Midwest and around the U.S. came together at the historic Westin Book Cadillac hotel to celebrate the accomplishments of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) in the past year and to chart the way forward. The banquet, sponsored by the ANCA Eastern Region Endowment Fund, began […]

‘We Are Here’: How Solidarity and Stubbornness Are Bringing the Armenian Question to the Forefront in Turkey

Kyle Khandikian Asbarez Sayat Tekir says what he wants. Like the struggle he represents, he is a humble but stubborn man. His stature betrays the powerful message he brought with him to the United States on a whirlwind visit to meet with various Armenian communities and organizations this past week. When I learned that I […]

Turkey’s Nor Zartonk Brings Movement to Southern California

Asbarez Last weekend, the Armenian Youth Federation hosted Nor Zartonk spokesperson and one of its founding members Sayat Tekir in Southern California, in an effort to bridge the gap between communities and build solidarity among organizations. During his brief stay in LA, Tekir and Nor Zartonk met with the editorial board of Asbarez newspaper, visited […]

Turkey: Is Restitution of Camp Armen Sign of Greater Public Tolerance?

Alexander Christie-Miller* Eurasianet A campaign for the restitution of an historic Armenian orphanage in Istanbul is highlighting a shift in attitudes in Turkey toward greater tolerance for long-persecuted, non-Muslim communities. On October 27, lawyers for the Gedikpaşa Armenian Protestant Church Foundation announced they had reacquired the deed to Camp Armen — once part of a […]

Nor Zartonk Member to Speak in Boston Nov. 12 on ‘Armenian Activism in Istanbul’

The Armenian Weekly Some of the most dynamic examples of Armenian resistance in the last decade have arisen in Istanbul. Most recently, protestors standing down bulldozers at Camp Armen, and Turkish parliamentarian Garo Paylan speaking truth to power—these will be topics of discussion in Boston this month when Sayat Tekir speaks on Armenian advocacy and […]

Толерантность в Турции. Возможно ли это? Кампания за возвращение прежним хозяевам расположенного в Стамбуле исторического армянского детского приюта подчеркивает растущую толерантность турецкого общества по отношению к немусульманским общинам, в течение долгого времени подвергавшимся гонениям. 27 октября юристы фонда Армянской протестантской церкви «Гедикпаша» объявили, что вернули документы на владение лагерем «Армен», некогда бывшим школой-интернатом и приютом для бедных детей армянского происхождения. […]

A monument already stands in Turkey for the Armenian Genocide, it is called Kamp Armen The Tuzla Armenian orphanage camp “Kamp Armen”, seized in 1980’s by Turkish state, is restituted to the Armenian community last week. Nor Zartonk, an NGO founded by Armenian young people in Turkey, took part in the struggle for the return of Kamp Armen. We spoke with Sayat Tekir from Nor Zartonk about the targets […]