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January 2021
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Archive for 'Nor Zartonk at Press'

Turquie : le génocide arménien non grata à Gezi Park

COLLECTIF VAN Depuis plusieurs jours, la place Taksim et le parc Gezi sont au centre de la contestation stambouliote. Autour des écologistes, des libertaires et des étudiants de la première heure, s’est agrégé un ensemble hétéroclite réunissant un grand nombre d’associations kémalistes, voire même ultra-nationalistes. Il n’est dès lors pas étonnant d’observer de temps à […]

Taksim ne se rendra pas ! (suite des évenements en Turquie)

REBELLYON.INFO Depuis une semaine la tension continue de monter, contrairement aux affirmations des journalis­tes et malgré les appels à la paix du gouvernement. Mécontents de la médiatisation dont jouit la révolte et par la force qu’elle acquiert, les membres de l’AKP s’engagent dans la lutte au côté de la police, pour leur servir d’auxiliaire. Ainsi […]

Armenian Factor In Protests In Turkey And Azerbaijan

Naira HAYRUMYAN LRAGIR.AM The Armenian factor is acquiring more significance in the context of ongoing processes in Turkey and Azerbaijan. The reason is not the money spent by the Armenian government to throw a monkey wrench into the affairs of the neighboring countries. All happens automatically because, despite the genocide, displacement and other methods, the […]

Armenians participate in Istanbul protests

NEWS.AM The Nor Zartonk (New Awakening) movement of Istanbul Armenians is taking part in the resistance that had started to preserve the city’s Gezi Park. During the respective demonstrations, the movement’s supporters are holding banners that read: “Surp Hagop [Saint Jacob] Armenian Cemetery: 1551-1939. You captured our graveyard, but you can’t capture our park!” and […]

Graves in the Park: Notes from the ‘Bolis’ Uprising

Eric NAZARIAN The Armenian Weekly I haven’t had time to digest what I saw this past week on the heels of my first journey to the womb of Armenian civilization: Van/Vaspurakan. Dikranakert. Kharpert, the fabled green villages of Bitlis, and the hinterlands of Palu and Sakrat. My fellow travelers, now brothers and sisters for life, […]

Names of Lost Armenian Villages Read in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Square

Ayse GUNAYSU The Armenian Weekly It’s April 24, 2013. In Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul. People have gathered in front of the Turkish-Islamic Arts Museum which, in 1915, served as the Central Prison that held Armenian intellectuals kept before they were sent to their deaths. But something very unusual is happening. From a loudspeaker, people hear […]

Cultural preservation through radio broadcasting

TURKEY.SETIMES.COM Some 18 languages spoken in Turkey are threatened with disappearance, but if Nor Radio has anything to stay about it, Anatolia will live on as the multicultural mosaic it has always been. Founded in 2009, the station broadcasts in rare languages Homshetsi, Laz, Adyghe, Chechen and Pomak, in addition to Kurdish, Armenian, Georgian and […]

‘Friends of Hrant’ and Nor Zartonk Commemorate Journalist Hrant Dink

Erol ÖNDEROĞLU BIANET Three years after Turkish Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was assassinated in front of Agos newspaper, his friends call out: “We know the murderer, we want justice”. For a decent future they claim that Hrant Dink’s murder should not be forgotten and that the murderers and the abettors should not get away with […]

Will State Intelligence Bring Light into Dink Murder Case?

Erol ÖNDROĞLU BİA News Center Today’s 11th hearing in the Hrant Dink muder case at the Istanbul 14th High Criminal Court will be followed by European Union – Turkey Joint Parliamentary Commission co-chair Hélene Flautre and European Parliament Greens Advisor Ali Yurttagül. International Writers Association PEN board member Eugene Schoulgin and Lin Stensrud and Trine […]

The Armenian Community of Istanbul: Confronting new challenges and old realities

Edik BAGHDASARYAN and Hrant GADARIGIAN Azad-Hye Middle East Armenian Portal During a recent working visit to Istanbul the Editors of ”Hetq” (Edik Baghdasaryan and Hrant Gadarigian) had the opportunity to visit the offices of the ”Agos” newspaper founded by the late Hrant Dink. While there we were able to interview Pakrat Estukyan, the Armenian-language Editor, […]