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January 2008
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Archive for January, 2008

The Study “Being a Minority in Turkey” and “thinking about oneself”

FERHAT KENTEL The results of the study titled “Being a Minority in Turkey”, based on a questionnaire prepared by the Nor Zartonk group and evaluated by the Social Research Centre, has been published in the newspaper Agos in recent weeks. Focusing particularly on Armenians living in Turkey who especially dwell in and around Istanbul with […]

Nor Zartonk Survey discussed

Tamar Nalcı AGOS A most interesting and daring survey– “Being an Armenian in Turkey”– was conducted prior to the July 22, 2007 general elections. The survey was accomplished with the help of volunteer journalists from Nor Zartonk, SAM and Agos; and it produced noteworthy conclusions about the state of the Armenian Community in Istanbul. At […]

Hey everyone, Let us look for our relatives together!

SİBİL ÇEKMEN AGOS On Saturday morning, those who went to İstiklal Street or Galata came face to face with ads of people who “are looking for their relatives” on the walls or columns. The project “I am looking for my relative”, the first of which was organized by Aris Nalcı in 2006 within the framework […]

Social mobilization after January 19 and the “Being a Minority in Turkey” survey

Rober Koptaş AGOS The “Being a Minority in Turkey” survey that was initiated by the Nor Zartonk (New Awakening) group, performed through the contributions of volunteering Agos reporters and the Centre for Social Studies, and covered in depth in Agos for the last three weeks indicates a favourable development for the Armenian community in Turkey. […]

Religious community or civil society?

Markar Esayan AGOS Most of the Armenians who took part in the study think that they are not sufficiently represented. We continue to share the results of the study jointly undertaken by the Nor Zartonk Platform, Agos and the Center for Social Studies with our readers. In previous weeks, we dwelt on how Armenians of […]

Do not let citizenship remain on paper

Markar Esayan AGOS The survey “Being Minority in Turkey” explains the situation of Armenians in Turkey with serious data We continue to publish the striking data of the survey titled “Being Minority in Turkey” carried out with the collaboration of the Nor Zartonk Platform, the Agos´ Volunteers and the Sociological Research Centre (SAM). The survey […]

A wide angle photograph of a community after January 19

Aris Nalcı AGOS Two months ago, the questionnaire on the agenda of the civil movement inaugurated by Armenian youth, Nor Zartonk ( , was completed with the contribution of Agos´ Volunteer Reporters and the Sociological Research Centre (SAM). The questionnaire included many questions on various topics from mixed marriages to preferences in the use of […]

Dare to use your own brain!

The Nor Zartonk Initiative held a philosophy workshop titled “Enlightenment in the light of Kant” at the offices of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers in Taksim. This philosophy workshop was Nor Zartonk’s first cultural public activity since its formation. This event, a first in our community, is an attempt to speak to new thought and […]

Nor Zartonk and the youth

Markar Esayan AGOS Existence has not yet been able to balance the dynamism, idealism, creativity, inexperience of the young and the experience, calmness, aptitude of the old and the hardening of the arteries in society caused by all these. The point of view that considers “the child” as a part of the homo sapiens species […]