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August 2015
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A New Awakening: An Interview with Nor Zartonk’s Sayat Tekir

Armenian Weekly In late June, as the live-in demonstration to save Camp Armen, the former Armenian summer camp located in the Tuzla district of Istanbul, entered its 53rd day, Sayat Tekir, an Istanbul-based activist and member of the Armenian Nor Zartonk movement, gave an extensive interview to the Armenian Weekly, during which he discussed the […]

Fascist Attacks can not Intimidate us!

To the public and the press, The Camp Armen Resistance, that is on its 101st day today, had started when the demolition team was stopped from destroying Hrant’s legacy Camp Armen, our Atlantis, which the authorities forcefully seized from us, which bears the handprints of Armenian orphans on its each and every wall. For over […]

Armenian Bar Association Issues Statement on Camp Armen Attack

Asbarez The Armenian Bar Association has released the following statement regarding last Thursday’s attack on activists at Camp Armen. With grave concern, the Armenian Bar Association has learned that members of the Nor Zartonk Youth Movement, who were protecting the property of Camp Armen in the Tuzla District of Istanbul, Turkey, were beaten by unidentified assailants […]

Nor Zartonk Issues Statement on Camp Armen Attack Nor Zartonk, an Armenian political movement based in Istanbul, has issued a statement regarding last Thursday’s attack on two of its members at Camp Armen. According to reports, two Nor Zartonk members were beaten by unidentified assailants on the group’s 100th day of occupation of the camp site, prompting Turkish-Armenian parliamentarian Selina Dogan to […]

Istanbul’s Camp Armen Attacked

Armenian Weekly Activists occupying the grounds of Camp Armen, the former Armenian summer camp located in the Tuzla district of Istanbul, were attacked on the 100th day of their live-in demonstration. According to a statement released by the Armenian Nor Zartonk movement of Istanbul, two activists were attacked and beaten with sticks. The attack took place […]

Kamp Armen attacked; two activists beaten Kamp Armen, where the Nor Zartonk movement has been staging sit-ins for thepast 100 days to prevent the authorities from tearing down the Armenian site, was attacked on Thursday evening, Asbarez reports, citing the group’s official Facebook page. According to the post, which is in Turkish, at 11:30 pm local time, two cars approached […]

Istanbul Armenian orphanage volunteers attacked

Hurriyet Two volunteers standing guard to prevent the demolition of an Armenian orphanage publicly known as “Kamp Armen” have been attacked by unidentified men on the 100th day of the peaceful protest in Istanbul’s Tuzla district. “After days of harassment, on Thursday Aug. 13, 2015, on the 100th day of the Kamp Armen Resistance, a […]

Attaque sur le Kamp Armen!

nouvelleturquie Aujourd’hui, aux 100e jour de résistance, au centenaire du Génocide arménien, le Kamp Armen a été attaqué.La Résistance du Kamp Armen a commencé pour défendre un ancien orphelinat arménien fondé dans les années 60 par des rescapés du Génocide. Menacé par un projet d’urbanisme, le Kamp Armen est devenu une lutte symbolique pour les […]

A tale of two parks: a conversation between activists in Armenia and Turkey Nor Zartonk [New Awakening] the recently emerged leftwing Armenian youth association was there in Gezi Park. And they were one of the main actors in Gezi. They had a tent and when you entered the commune the first thing you saw was Nor Zartonk… Alex Sakalis (AS): When the Gezi Park protests started in […]