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March 2016
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Archive for March, 2016

Academic Detained for Having ‘Newroz Invitation’

Beyza Kural BIA News Bilgi University academic member, Chris Stephenson has been taken into custody at İstanbul Justice Palace in Çağlayan where he came to support three academics who were detained because of Academics for Peace/İstanbul group’s declaration. Stephenson was detained in front of the courthouse at around 9:15 a.m. on charge of having Newroz […]

Barsamian: We Need to Resurrect Socialism

The Armenian Weekly This was part of a series of lectures and discussions known as ZomTalks, a new initiative by the student association that features “individuals of diverse backgrounds and disciplines who share insight and knowledge from their area of expertise” with the Lebanese community. Ideas shared in ZomTalks must “inform, inspire, and empower” attendees. […]

Istanbul Court Hands Nazaryan Life Sentence for Murder of Elderly Armenian Woman

The Armenian Weekly Tekir: Investigators Ignored Important Evidence; Criminals Still at Large Murat Nazaryan, the suspect in the 2012 murder of 84-year old Istanbul Armenian Maritsa Kucuk, was sentenced to life imprisonment on Feb. 24 in an Istanbul court. A string of attacks on elderly Armenian women took place in the Samatia district of Istanbul […]

Police Raid on Lawyers from Libertarian Jurists Association

Ayça Söylemez BIA News In the police operation conducted this morning (March 16) in İstanbul, a police raid has been carried out on the houses of eight lawyers from Libertarian Jurists Association (ÖHD). The names of the eight lawyers taken into custody are; İrfan Arasan, Ayşe Acınıklı, Hüseyin Boğatekin, Şefik Çelik, Adem Çalışcı, Ayşe Başar, […]

3 Academics Arrested

Beyza Kural BIA News Three academics Associate Prof. Kıvanç Ersoy (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Univ., mathematics), Assistant Prof. Esra Mungan (Boğaziçi Univ., psychology) and Dr. Muzaffer Kaya (fired as a consequence of the academics’ statement from Nişantaşı University, history) reading the statement on behalf of Academics for Peace/İstanbul group reiterating their peace demand and detained […]

My home where my son is: Şişli Armenian Cemetery

Vartan Estukyan AGOS Garabed Balıkçı said that the hearing didn’t take long and it is adjourned to April 6 because of a missing document. “Because some documents aren’t sent by the experts, the hearing ended in a blink. The court requested these documents 6 months ago, but they haven’t sent them yet. I cannot understand […]