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August 2021
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Rakel Dink Urges Raising Voices Against Discrimination Higher

BIA News Center – İstanbul

In the panel held for the birthday of Hrant Dink, the participants urged for more decisive struggle against discrimination.

Nor Zartonk, an organization formed by the young Armenians of Turkey after the murder of Hrant Dink to oppose war and discrimination, held a panel titled “To Be Minority in Turkey”on September 15 to discuss the concepts of “minority” and “other” and to celebrate Hrant Dink’s birthday.

One of the participants Viki Ciprut summarized the issue by stating “Problem is not to be part of the minority, but to be discriminated for it. We have to ask the question when and how the discrimination will end.”

In the same panel, Rakel Dink, Hrant Dink’s wife, asked the question who to blame? Those who withdraw or those who force people to withdraw?

Rakel Dink continued:

“Of course we will raise our voice, by uniting our positive pressures. What happens happens because those in majority say to the others that they cannot have what they have. Whether a person or a country, everyone should question him/herself.”

“What we can do is to become a thousand, ten thousand and raise our voice. Pain makes people rise. The past reminds its pains, too. We will continue without letting our pain take control of us. There are some who hear us.”

Estukyan: I do not hold grudges against anyone just because my ancestors used to live there

Answering the question if the Armenian community is resentful towards the Kurds for what happened in 1915, Pakrat Estukyan, one of the participants of the panel, said “I am resentful, but only towards the organization of Union and Progress. I am resentful towards those who still say, after so many years, that they graced 300.000 Armenians by making them Muslims, I am resentful towards those who put up a statue in honor of Topal Osman. I do not hold grudges against anyone just because my ancestors used to live there. It is nationalism that uses the concept of minority as something dangerous. Nationalism needs to be eliminated. I am against nationalism, ethnic and religious fanaticism and discrimination.”

“Ministry of Justice can still not say that it will not allow trials under article 301.”

Last week, Ministry of Justice gave permission for the continuance of the trial of Temel Demirer under article 301. Demierer is on trial for saying that Hrant Dink was killed not only because he was an Armenian, but also because he recognized the genocide. (TK/TB)