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July 2018
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Yılmazer: You should arrest the minister of interior who assigned me

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Today, Ali Fuat Yılmazer continued to present his defence.

Reminding ECHR ruling of ineffective investigation against Trabzon Gendarmerie, Directorate of Security and Istanbul Directorate of Security, Yılmazer said: “I am arrested because of new evidences that don’t exist. They haven’t shown me any document. Ogün Samast’s statement is not serious. Muhittin Zenit denied what he said in his statement. Ten years after the murder, I was arrested because I was assigned to Istanbul. If I was assigned because I am a member of Gulenist movement, then you should arrest the minister of interior who assigned me.”

“Why didn’t Kutkan protect Dink?”

Selim Kutkan was the chief of Counter-terrorism Branch of Istanbul Directorate of Security and Yılmazer asked why Kutkan hadn’t protected Dink. Lawyer Hakan Bakırcıoğlu said that Kutkan testified as a suspect, but then a decision of non-prosecution was made. Dink family’s lawyer Bakırcıoğlu said: “It is certain that Kutkan was responsible to provide protection to Dink and an indictment should be issued against him.”

MİT connection

Saying that “Can you imagine that MİT hadn’t known anything about this murder?” Yılmazer said, “There was an officer named İhsan Kasap; we identified him. He is not mentioned in the indictment.” The instigator Yasin Hayal said that Erhan Tuncel introduced him to İhsan Kasap for assisting the McDonald’s bombing in 2006.

Yılmazer claimed that the murder was clarified in 3-5 days after the murder: “I presented it to the prime minister. They concealed it.” He also claimed that the indictment doesn’t include the information concerning Ogün Samast’s connection to the personnel of Trabzon Gendarmerie Intelligence Branch.

“How did we prevent protection?”

Yılmazer said that Orhan Pamuk was provided with protection in 2005 though there was no concrete evidence and he hadn’t asked for protection: “Cerrah sent a letter to the governor’s office. It was issued by Ahmet İlhan Güler. General Directorate of Security Intelligence Branch wasn’t involved in the process. What did we do to prevent protection?”