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July 2018
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Turkey’s murdered journalist Hrant Dink commemorated with messages of peace, justice and freedom

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On the 10th year after his murder, Armenian journalist Hrant Dink is commemorated in Turkey, as well as, across the world in countries such as France, Canada, England, Germany, and Austria today.

Thousands gathered in front of Agos newspaper in Şişli, İstanbul where Dink was murdered 10 years ago today (January 19). Carrying banners with writings on them in Armenian, Turkish, and Kurdish, people gave a message of ‘peace and justice.’

In a country like Turkey, where unsolved political murders are numerous, murder case of Agos chief editor Hrant Dink remains as contemporary as ever even after 10 years not only as a symbol of Turkey’s ongoing struggle with reaching justice but also as a symbol of the involvement of certain state institutions in such cases.

In a recently released report, Agos newspaper of Turkey outlined the details leading to Dink’s murder and the legal process which has only recently began to be unfolding after the investigations of the government on what is now called as FETÖ.


Holding a ceremony in front of their Ankara office, BirGün newspaper representatives, journalists, and team members, along with civil society members and parliamentarians, commemorated Dink and gave a message of ‘peace, solidarity, and justice in the face of darkness that has been surrounding Turkey for years.’

BirGün Ankara representative Yaşar Aydın said: “10 years ago today, our friend, brother, and comrade Hrant Dink was murdered. Today, we understand clearly that he was murdered with the support of the state… And, the trials that have been taking place throughout the past 10 years are ridicilous… But Hrant’s friends and family have not forgotten him and are still giving all the effort to continue this legal process. When Hrant was killed, his wife Rakel had talked from the window of Agos office about ‘the darkness that creates a murderer from a child.’ That darkness has become even greater… What’s been done to Hrant is now being done to all who are for peace, solidarity, and freedom… But we are hopeful! We carry the hope of Hrant… We are hopeful of the people of Anatolia as much as Hrant was…”