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May 2022
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Call of joining in trial of Sevag who was killed in soldiery


The trial of Armenian Sevag Şahin Balıkçı, who was claimed as “being hit inadvertently” while he was in Kozluk military troop, will be held on 28 February. Visiting foundations to inform the community prior to the hearing, Nor Zartonk Spokeperson Sayat Tekir has called on joining in the press statement which will be held beforhand of the trial.

The 11th hearing of the lawsuit of Armenian Sevag Şahin Balıkçı, who was claimed as “being hit inadvertently” by Soldier Kıvanç Ağaoğlu while he was soldier in Gümüşörgü Gendarmerie Command in Kozluk (Hezo) district of Batman, will be held in Diyarbakır 2nd Air Force Command in a Military Courthouse on 28 February. The court board had postponed the trial on 25 January to 28 February. Read more »

Armenian slain private not granted ‘martyrdom’ status


The family of an Armenian man who was killed by a fellow private during his army service in 2011 on April 24 — the anniversary of the day marked as the start of what Armenians say was a genocide of their people in 1915 — claim their son is being denied “martyrdom,” a legal status that provides benefits to families of soldiers killed while serving in the military.

However, to the family, there is more to this than benefits. The family, which has vowed to take the case of Pvt. Sevag Şahin Balıkçı, whose death was found to be the result of an accident by a Turkish court on Wednesday, is certain that the young man fell victim to a hate crime. Read more »

Բալըքչըի գործը դեռ չի ավարտվել/The Balikci murder case not closed


Դիարբեքիրի ռազմական դատարանը Թուրքիայի Բաթմանի շրջանում ծառայակցի գնդակից սպանված հայ զինվորի՝ Սևակ Շահին Բալըքչիի գործով մեղադրյալ Քըվանչ Աղաօղլուին դատապարտել է 4,5 տարի ազատազրկման` անփութության հետևանքով մարդ սպանելու մեղադրանքով: Սևակի հոր համոզմամբ` որդին ռասիզմի զոհ է դարձել:

The Diyarbakir military court in Turkey’s Batman region has sentenced Kivanc Agaoglu to 4 years and 5 months  in prison for murdering Armenian soldier Sevag Shahin Balikci, who died after being shot. Agaoglu has been charged with manslaughter.

Turkey’s last Armenian schools


“Don’t close the door,” Mari Nalcı, who has been head of the Tarmanças school for 25 years, told me as I went into her office; she seemed not to trust me. Armenians in Turkey are cautious, especially when you ask questions about education.

“The problem of security for schools has become very important, especially since Hrant Dink was assassinated,” Garo Paylan, an Armenian schools representative, had told me. The murder of this well-known Armenian journalist by a Turkish nationalist in 2007 revived old fears (1). Mari Nalcı’s school bristles with CCTV cameras; there are bars on the windows and a security man, Attila Sen, at the door. Sen is friendly, but as intransigent as a prison guard: nobody gets in without an appointment. “We’ve never had a problem,” he said, “but some local people are suspicious of the school. Fortunately, prejudices disappear when they get to know us.” Read more »

Thousands of People Commemorate Hrant Dink

BİA News Center

An estimated forty thousand people commemorated slain Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink with a walk from Taksim to the Agos newspaper in Şişli where the editor-in-chief of the Armenian weekly was gunned down five years ago on 19 January 2007.

The Friends of Hrant organization had called for the march in silence without any organizational flags or banners. However, two days after the widely criticized decision of the Dink trial, the slogan “The murder state will give an account” was shouted. Many people held up the black round signs which became characteristic for their struggle for justice throughout the past five years reading “We are all Hrant, we are all Armenian”. Members of the Dink family were walking in the front of the procession. Read more »

Life Sentence for Hayal, Tuncel Acquitted

BİA News Center

The trial regarding the murder of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was decided at the 25th hearing of the case on Tuesday (17 January). Dink, editor-in-chief of the Armenian Agos newspaper at the time, was gunned down in front of his office on 19 January 2007 in the district of Şişli (Istanbul).

All defendants were acquitted of charges of membership of a criminal organization. Read more »

New Hrant Dink Case Possible

BİA News Center

At the end of the fifth year of the Hrant Dink trial, President Judge Rüştem Eryılmaz announced “We want to give a decision now”. The upcoming hearing on 17 January might be the last one; the trial about the murder of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink on 19 January 2007 might be decided.

However, information on telephone records and other data requested from the Telecommunication Communication Presidency (TİB) since 2008 were sent court recently. In a report prepared upon the request of the prosecutor, the police stated that “after an investigation of the TİB records, no contact between the defendants was detected”. Read more »

Decision on 17 January?

BİA News Center

The trial related to the murder of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was continued before the Beşiktaş (Istanbul) 14th High Criminal Court on Tuesday (10 January). Dink was gunned down on 19 January 2007 in front of his office at the Armenian Agos newspaper in Şişli (Istanbul).

The next hearing is scheduled for 17 January.

Court President Rüstem Eryılmaz announced, “All defence lawyers should be present at the 17 January hearing. I want to give a decision”. Read more »

This pain is not ours

Azad Alig´s Blog

I’m thankful that I haven’t witnessed as many deaths close by. But in most visits of condolence, I came across a similar scene. As the suffering had soared up to an almost tangible degree, someone would suddenly burst into tears and moan that they so wanted to bring the deceased back from the tomb to the extent of declaring a willingness to go into the grave instead. Under the gaze of the surprised family members, people would secretly ask each other who that person might be. And, often, it would turn out that the ‘grief-thief’ was someone who had pangs of conscience for they would feel indebted to the deceased in one way or the other. The strangest thing would be the family’s almost forgetting their own grief to make grief-thief feel better. The real torment would begin when it befell on them to console that person with ill conscience.
Read more »

‘Friends of Hrant’ and Nor Zartonk Commemorate Journalist Hrant Dink


Three years after Turkish Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was assassinated in front of Agos newspaper, his friends call out: “We know the murderer, we want justice”. For a decent future they claim that Hrant Dink’s murder should not be forgotten and that the murderers and the abettors should not get away with what they did.
Journalist and writer Hrant Dink, editor-in-chief of the weekly Agos newspaper publishing in both languages Armenian and Turkish, was killed on 19 January 2007. The journalist will be commemorated in a public ceremony held in front of Agos newspaper in Şişli, Istanbul, on Tuesday afternoon (19 January), the third anniversary of the assassination.

The “Friends of Hrant” group made a public call for the commemoration event and also for the coming hearing of the murder case on 8 February. They have published an announcement in the mainstream newspapers throughout the last couple of days.
“Hrant was killed by a collective official decision” Read more »