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August 2018
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Rakel Dink: Come, let us do away with the restlessness of doves in this country


10 years. Easier said than lived… Exactly 10 Years. Without you, it has not been easy at all. Being without you, not having my beloved one with me, and above all, being separated from him by a heinous plot have caused even more pain, sorrow and heartache.

What do I have to say to those who have been suffering for the last 20, 30, 40 years? What do I have to say to those whose children have been murdered?

In the last 10 years, I have learned by living and experiencing what it really means to feel a pang of grief, how my tears could wet my bread and how salty they are. Thanks to the divine grace, I have learned how to cope with hatred and anger. Every time I think of your absence, it burns my body like a fire. I burn and burn so much that I cannot contain the flames under my skin.

So much has happened in 10 years. Oh my darling. Malatya massacre, İskenderun, Sevag Balıkçı, Roboski, Gezi events, Suruç, Diyarbakır, Sur, Mardin, Nusaybin, Cizre, Şırnak, Tahir Elçi, Ankara, July 15th, Maçka, İzmir, Gaziantep, Ortaköy, Airport attack and the war in the Middle East. Operations, terror, and what not… The country has turned into a bloodbath. Some wanted to shower in human blood. A nightmare has swept the country. People started to fear and suffocate. People have been humiliated due to their identities; their dignity has been dishonoured and despised.

It is as if mothers give birth to their children just to bury them. They encourage people to have more children, but no one thinks of protecting the right to life of those who are born. Yet murders that are committed day and night, such as murders of workers and women, do not count as political murders. No one takes the blame and responsibility.

Under the power of terror and the terror of the ones in power, it is once again the peoples who pay the price. The way you name what is happening does not change the thing that is happening to us. The terror waged by the states that declare war against terror comes to the same thing. This state becomes the US in Abu Ghraib, Russia in Aleppo, Turkey in Southeast Anatolia and Syria against opposition… One day the winds blowing from north seed death on its lands and the other day the winds blowing from south… Yet, it is always us, the peoples, who end up reaping this cursed harvest… Bodies of babies are coming ashore… Can there be anything more terrible than this? Read more »

Turkey’s murdered journalist Hrant Dink commemorated with messages of peace, justice and freedom


On the 10th year after his murder, Armenian journalist Hrant Dink is commemorated in Turkey, as well as, across the world in countries such as France, Canada, England, Germany, and Austria today.

Thousands gathered in front of Agos newspaper in Şişli, İstanbul where Dink was murdered 10 years ago today (January 19). Carrying banners with writings on them in Armenian, Turkish, and Kurdish, people gave a message of ‘peace and justice.’ Read more »

Commemorating Hrant Dink


Friends of Hrant invited people to the former office of Agos, where Hrant Dink was shot 10 years ago.

KESK Chair Lami Özgen, EMEP Chair Selma Gürkan, EMEP members Levent Tüzel and Güven Gerçek, linguist Necmiye Alpay, academic Onur Hamzaoğlu are in front of Agos as well.

In addition to the sound of duduk, slogans like “Murderer state will be brought to account”, “We are all Hrant, we are all Armenians”, “This case won’t end unless we say so”, “You are my brother Hrant in spite of fascism” are also heard.

14.20: Bülent Aydın welcomes people who started to gather in front of Agos: “Friends of Hrant, welcome.”

EMEP (Labor Party) Chair Selma Gürkan, CHP Istanbul MP Süleyman Çelebi and novelist Aslı Erdoğan are among the crowd.

Since the building where the former office is located is currently renovated, commemoration speeches won’t be given on the balcony for the first time.

HDP Youth Branches, Nor Zartonk, Kaldıraç, ÖDP, AKA-DER, DAF, EHP, Halkevleri, HDK, Yeniyol and TKP marhched to Agos from Harbiye, shouting “We are Hrant for 10 years, we will have justice.”

10 years of the Dink murder case

Uygar Gültekin & Gözde Kazaz

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan once said, “No murder will be lost in the dark tunnels of Ankara.” We don’t know if the murder of Hrant Dink will be lost in those tunnels, but it is certain that the murder was a product of those very tunnels.

Turkey’s recent history is full of political murders and the endless cases of those murders. The course of Hrant Dink murder case is a bit different than other cases of political murders. The prosecution process started after the murder had intensified the concerns that this case will also be turned into an endless one. The upheavals in the political atmosphere of Turkey and the fractures caused by these upheavals postponed the concerns about the fate of Dink case for a while. Read more »

A guide for understanding the Dink case

Uygar Gültekin & Gözde Kazaz


Officials from Trabzon General Directorate of Security

During the process leading to the murder of Hrant Dink, the hitman and and his companions were living in Pelitli district of Trabzon. The initial information in the case files reveals that the hitman and and his companions made all the preparations for the murder in Trabzon. According to intelligence reports included in the case files, the group that initiated the murder of Dink had been monitored by Trabzon Intelligence Branch; furthermore, the intelligence branch had concrete information concerning the plans for murder since 2006. The police officers working in Trabzon General Directorate of Security had the responsibility to launch an operation against the organization planning for murder, but they didn’t do it. Read more »

Writing for Hrant


Selahattin Demirtaş: We feel embarrassed, but we haven’t knelt down either

It is been 10 years since we lost Hrant Dink. Unfortunately, we failed to turn our country into a livable and free country in ten years. That is why we feel embarrassed before Hrant. However, we haven’t knelt down either. Read more »

Yarkadaş: Summary of Proceedings Prepared for 17,000 Social Media Users

BIA News Desk

Republican People’s Party (CHP) İstanbul MP and Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) Security and Intelligence Commission member Barış Yarkadaş has declared that police prepared summary of proceedings for 17,000 social media users and addresses of 45,000 others are being tried to be located.

Stating that social media sharings are being monitored by Social Media Monitoring Unit, Yarkadaş said “Prosecutors will take action over the summary of proceedings prepared by the unit. No detention proceeding is taking place at the moment since detention centers in İstanbul are already full. That is why the cases are not put in process for the moment”.

Stressing that Halk TV programmer Hüsnü Mahallı was arrested due to his tweets, Yarkadaş recalled that six media workers including ETHA Director in Charge Derya Okatan have been kept in custody for 20 days without a justification.

Yılmazer: You should arrest the minister of interior who assigned me


Today, Ali Fuat Yılmazer continued to present his defence.

Reminding ECHR ruling of ineffective investigation against Trabzon Gendarmerie, Directorate of Security and Istanbul Directorate of Security, Yılmazer said: “I am arrested because of new evidences that don’t exist. They haven’t shown me any document. Ogün Samast’s statement is not serious. Muhittin Zenit denied what he said in his statement. Ten years after the murder, I was arrested because I was assigned to Istanbul. If I was assigned because I am a member of Gulenist movement, then you should arrest the minister of interior who assigned me.”

“Why didn’t Kutkan protect Dink?”
Read more »

Turkey’s government bans labor strike by deeming it ‘damaging to national security’


Turkey has been ruled under state of emergency and through the statutory decrees passed by Council of Ministers since the coup attempt of last year in July.

While the government’s hardest crackdown has been on the media, public sphere has also been targeted through bans on assembling, demonstrations, and, at times, even cultural and recreational activities.

The latest of such interference of the government is experienced with the ban on labor strike of members of Birleşik Metal-İş Sendikası (United Metalworkers’ Union) of Turkey from Bursa province. Read more »

Turkey’s PM Yıldırım: ‘Presidential system is my project’


Second round of parliamentary sessions on the proposal for a new constitution in Turkey was started yesterday (January 18).

Mostly referred to as the ‘presidential system package’, the amendments proposed by Turkey’s ruling party AKP and backed by MHP are aimed at enhancing the power of the president and his/her influence over the legislative and judiciary branches while also either completely eliminating or weakening the checks and balances between the branches of the government.
Read more »