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Nor Zartonk

Begining with the Armenian Community of Turkey, Nor Zartonk works for the intellectual development of the peoples of Turkey. It contributes to the internalization of universal and libertarian values.

Nor Zartonk (New Renascense) contributes to the social and cultrual development of the society and plays an active role in achieving peace and welfare. Supports any type of the projects that assists people to understand their society as well as the whole worlds and provides self-improvement.

Nor Zartonk assists individuals to recognize Equality, Justice, Democacy and Peace as fundemental values and contributes the understanding of Human Rights as a whole without any kind of discrimination.

Nor Zartonk is against militarism, sexism, homophobia, racism and any kinf of discrimination.

Nor Zartonk is against gerontocracy which is the power of the old upon the young.

Nor Zartonk supports any kind of science, art, culture, education, sport activities and prepares projects.

Nor Zartonk can cooperate and make common projects with any organisation that is shares its ideas.

Nor Zartonk is participatory, libertarian platform where anyone can express his/her ideas.

Nor Zartonk has no hierarchial structure and administration.

Everyone that agrees with those principles are welcome at Nor Zartonk.